Rose is in a bright bold outfit

Rose McGowan recently showed off her bold, feminine side with a pretty outfit that included neon pink stilettos. The brunette beauty left a West Hollywood hair salon with gorgeous hair and a sleek pairing of a fitted, sleeveless white blouse and skintight jeans. In addition to the heels, the starlet wore a pop of color on her shapely lips. A matte, neon-pink lipstick played up her face. She also sported an oversized pair of dark sunglasses to really glam up her look, as shown in Daily Mail.
Her hair was sleek with lots of sheen, hanging down in long layers from an off-center part. Her color, which has varied over the years from auburn, to rich brown, to startling black, is now a lovely caramel shade with lots of shine. The lovely color offset her fair skin nicely.
Rose McGowan also wore her locks in a straight style with a little volume, with large curls at the ends. The glamorous look framed her face and looked great with the soft pink haze of color on her cheeks.
McGowan isn’t the only one to sport the neon pink trend. One starlet who has practically trademarked the look is Nicki Minaj, the hip hop star who wears not only neon lips, but eye-catching outfits and wild hair. Minaj often wears the matte, flourescent pink look on her lips.
Whether a bold choice like neon or a softer one like a sheer or creamy shade appeals, this guide to perfect pink lips helps to choose the right shade.
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Rose McGowan in new Victor Salva Horror Movie

Written by Steve Pattee
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 14:59
On  September 11th, 2012, Universal Studios Home Entertainment will be releasing  Rosewood Lane on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand. Directed  by Victor Salva (Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2), the  film stars Rose McGowan (Grindhouse, The Black Dahlia) and  Daniel Ross Owens (Lie to Me, Prison Break).
Synopsis: Doctor Sonny Blake (McGowan), a radio talk show  psychiatrist, moves back to her childhood home on seemingly idyllic Rosewood  Lane after the death of her father.  But upon arrival, she discovers her  neighbors are inexplicably terrified of the local paperboy (Owens).  When their  paths collide, she suddenly finds herself in a terrifying fight to stay alive  while at odds with this dangerous and calculating sociopath, who may have  gruesomely killed her father…and others.
Rosewood Lane also stars  Ray Wise (X-Men: First Class, RoboCop), Sonny Marinelli  (“Entourage,” “Raising the Bar”), Tom Tarantini (Jeepers Creepers Parts  I and II), Lin Shaye (Insidious, There’s Something About  Mary), Rance Howard (Angels & Demons, Frost/Nixon),  Lesley-Anne Down (Death Wish V: The Face of Death, The Nanny)  and Lauren Velez (Dexter, Oz).
I have to admit, while  this has a descent cast (Ray Wise and Lin Shaye are a couple of favorites), they  had me at Rose McGowan. Grrrr.
Links: Rosewood Lane Official  Site | Universal Studios Home Entertainment

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Mistresses is casting ators and extras

The new ABC drama “Mistresses” is now in pre-production and Mary Jo Slater is casting recurring, guest starring, and day player roles. The series was created by Gossip Girl writer K.J. Steinberg, based on the hit BBC series of the same name. ABC picked up “Mistresses” as a 12 episode midseason order. In addition to acting roles, extras of all ages and types will be cast throughout the season. Shooting begins on August 7, 2012 in Los Angeles. The show follows four friends as they try to deal with complex relationships and toward a sense of order and enlightenment in their lives.

“Mistresses” stars Alyssa Milano (“New Years Eve,” “Romantically Challenged,” “Hall Pass,” “My Name Is Earl,” “Charmed,” “Melrose Place”) as Savannah, Yunjin Kim (“Lost”) as Karen, Rochelle Aytes (“Work It,” “White Collar,” “Detroit 1-8-7,” “Desperate Housewives”) as April, Jes Macallan (“Kiss Me,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Crash and Burn,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Shameless”) as Josslyn, Jason George (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Closer,” “Against the Wall,” “Castle,” “Off the Map,” “Eastwick”) as Dominic, Brett Tucker (“Castle,” “Spartacus: Vengeance,” “Rizzoli & Isles,” “NCIS,” “Neighbours”) as Harry, Erik Stocklin (“Grey Sheep,” “Sick Day,” “Let’s Big Happy”) as Sam.

Based on the U.K. television series, “Mistresses” is from K.J. Steinberg (“Gossip Girl”) and is executive-produced by Robert Sertner (“Revenge,” “No Ordinary Family”), K.J. Steinberg (“Gossip Girl”), Rina Mimoun (“Privileged,” “Gilmore Girls”) and Douglas Rae (“Wuthering Heights,” “Camelot,” “Mistresses,” “Raw,” “Meadowlands”). The pilot for “Mistresses” is directed by Cherie Nowlan. The series is from ABC Studios.

Details on how talent can submit for acting roles, and registration information for extras can be found on the following casting post:

ABC “Mistresses” Acting Auditions and Extras Casting

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Rose McGowan Grocery Shopping At Whole Foods

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Holly’s Boys

The dark haired boys are Riley, Finley, and Kelley, but the blonde child, I don’t know who that is. I suppose it could be Holly’s child – Kelley and that boy would be close an age though. If you look closely, he has the same eyes as Kelley. This wouldn’t be the first time Holly didn’t tell us that she had a baby until like a year or so later. She did that with Kelley. LOL!

Congrats Ms. Holly! You have a beautiful family!

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Rose McGowan ~ Out & about / Studio City, Jul 10 ’12

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Short Finola Interview

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a short clip of Finola being interviewed prior to the recent daytime Emmy’s broadcast.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Findom

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Saturday News Links

We were hacked this week! So frustrating and annoying! Thanks to Shane for fixing the mess for us! Anyway, I’ve just decided to add the links for today. When the news comes out again, I will post them individually! Enjoy!

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Rose McGowan Running Errands In Beverly Hills

The Tell-Tale Heart” actress Rose McGowan spotted running errands and stopping at Byron and Tracey Salon in Beverly Hills, CA. (June 14th, 2012)

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Anna Gets Some Air Time

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to send along a couple of links we have to some clips from upcoming General Hospital episodes. It looks like Anna is finally getting some action, so-to-speak! She finally has more of a purpose for staying in Port Charles now that she has been named Police Commissioner! Let’s hope she can clean up the old town a little!

There’s also this possible budding romance with her old friend, Luke. Although none of us are sure this will materialize to anything significant, we’re at least getting some air time for her, finally.

Remember to let them know what you want to see! The more Anna fans who comment, call, tweet or write, the more significant her character will remain.

Until Next Time,
The Findom

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